All courses to help you pass PMP

Sample PMP Mock test - 30 Questions - 30 Mins.

..and few games for you to explore.. Based on PMBOK5

All the best!

The course simplifies the entire process of filling PMP application. You have a downloadable PMP application template in excel. See the videos and be ready to fill up the PMP application form in minutes.

This course would enable you to understand Key concepts and is MUST have to go through before the PMP Workshop.

Its a breezy course and the sole objective is to help you introduce to the topics.

You DO NOT have to remember everything!  just go with the flow - Do some small exercise at the end.

a FULL 35 PDU eLearning course 

I've attended the PMP Workshop - What now?



This is the 21 Days plan to help you prepare systematically, using better learning aids and sticking with a plan.


PMP mock test to help you pass the exam for sure.

You want to practice? Do the questions

You have only 30 mins - do the questions

You want to practice only one knowledge area - do the questions

You want to practice only process group wise - No problem.

All the ways possible!! Help is available. Choose your time and your topic :)

The Last Checklist and Go/No-Go decision for the PMP Exam.

Memory Cards to help you recall the PMP Concepts